Leasing Opportunity for Historic Property

Espinoza House


  • Interior: 1,464 square feet of recently renovated historic structure
  • Exterior: 664 square feet of dedicated porch space and 2,500 square feet of shared wooden deck area facing the Union Pacific Railroad Splash Pad
  • Restored wood floors, windows and doors; reclaimed wood bar
  • Access to Hemisfair Blvd., Cesar E. Chavez, ample parking and highly utilized amenities in Yanaguana Garden


Important Dates:

  • Pre-submittal Conference: 10 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 13 at Schultze House, 615 E. Nueva St., San Antonio, TX 78205
  • RFI Responses due: 5:59 p.m. Friday, Dec. 20, 2019

For more information, click link below to download the complete RFI.

Leasing Opportunity for Espinoza House



Are applicants to previous RFIs allowed to respond to this RFI?


Can I visit/tour now?

Yes. Tours can be arranged with Hemisfair staff by emailing sarah.silva@hemisfair.org. Please allow 3-5 business days’ notice.

How soon does the lease start?

The tenant will be selected on February 3, 2020, at which time the lease term could begin. The Espinoza House will be ready immediately for the tenant to build out the interior specific to their needs.

How much is rent?

Rent for Hemisfair tenants is based on a percentage of gross revenue or a flat rate, to be negotiated through the selection process. Both methods of rent payment contribute directly to the maintenance and improvement of public parks at Hemisfair. As the parks drive business to tenants, tenants succeed and the parks benefit. This structure is also helpful to startup businesses who don’t have to worry about paying rent during build-out and ramp-up periods. 

What tenant improvement allowance does Hemisfair offer?

Hemisfair has renovated the home, including foundation, exterior repair, roofing, electric and air conditioning systems. The home will be delivered to the tenant in a tenant-ready condition. Tenants are expected to pay for any capital improvements to the properties. Contributions from a tenant toward improvement of the property may translate to a more advantageous lease structure and concession package, to be determined during lease negotiations. 

What concessions are offered?

While Hemisfair cannot provide a TI allowance, flexibility exists in lease terms, including rent.

What is the term of leases?

The length of the lease has not been pre-determined and will be similarly negotiated based on multiple factors. Most leases to-date have been structured as a three-year term with extensions.

Where will tenants’ staff park?

Parking is available through monthly passes at current and future Hemisfair parking facilities.

What’s the timeline for the P3 at the southwest quadrant, now named The ‘68?

The ‘68 Apartments opened at Hemisfair in July 2019. The apartments include 151 new residential units; commercial uses such as a future ground-floor restaurantReRooted (an urban winery), Lick Ice Creams (operating out of Smith House) and EnergyX Fitness Studio; and 238 public parking spaces in an adjacent garage. 

How will tenants handle trash pickup? Is there a CAM? Is this a NNN lease?

Currently, Hemisfair maintains and oversees contracts for trash, grounds management and auxiliary services. Hemisfair divides Common Area Maintenance (CAM) expenses between tenants based on usage. Leases are generally described as NN, as there are no property taxes and Hemisfair/the City are responsible for the building structure. Tenants are responsible for ongoing services and expenses such as water, electric, gas, some insurance and CAM. 

What other requirements are there (insurance, liability, etc.)?

Standard requirements for permitting, insurance and liability are in accordance with City of San Antonio requirements. Those requirements are available from Hemisfair upon request.

On what criteria are you judging respondents to this RFI?

Successful respondents will showcase an understanding of the redevelopment effort at Hemisfair and an enthusiasm for becoming part of a park-tenant ecosystem. Respondents should demonstrate a history of success with starting, owning and/or operating businesses, and that they have access to sufficient capital to invest in any necessary updates to the structure. 

Who is selecting the tenants?

The HPARC board and staff will determine with which tenants to enter negotiations.

Where do patrons park?

The ’68 parking garage boasts 238 public parking spaces, in addition to 110 spaces at two surface public parking lots, one off South Alamo Street and another on Martinez Street. Future phases near Civic and Tower parks will add thousands more public parking spaces.

Are there any restrictions on the use of the home? Type of tenants or their improvements?

Any improvements to the structures must conform to both Hemisfair Design Standards and Texas Historic Commission guidelines. Alterations to the exteriors are subject to the approval of Historic Design Review Commission. Tenants of the historic properties at Hemisfair must ensure that their business acts as a park activator, encouraging visitation to the parks and adding to visitors’ experience of the district. Business must be open to the public (e.g. not offices, private clubs, residences, etc.). 

What about TABC? Does Hemisfair allow alcohol to be sold by tenants?

Hemisfair is one of the few City parks that allow for open consumption of alcohol, in non-glass containers. Yanaguana Garden offers visitors a family-friendly environment that is also compatible with the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages. Hemisfair authorizes tenants to hold a TABC wine and beer retailers permit, to sell for consumption on or off the premises per the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code. TABC-issued mixed beverage permits for sales or consumption of mixed alcoholic beverages is not permitted at Yanaguana Garden. Given Hemisfair’s unique interests in promoting a family-friendly environment in Yanaguana Garden, such policies and procedures may exceed those required under state law or TABC licensing. 

What are the key benefits to businesses that might be interested in these properties?

First, there is the historical significance of the properties. These buildings represent examples of uncommonly beautiful late-19th century architecture in San Antonio. Second, tenants to these homes experience built-in traffic: Yanaguana Garden sees approximately 700,000 visitors each year, with thousands attending the more than 700 events held at Hemisfair annually. Attendance numbers and park penetration will only continue to increase as future phases are completed. This market represents a wide demographic, primarily locals, but also many visitors from around the world visiting for conventions and recreation. 

What is the deadline for submittals?

Responses to the RFI for Espinoza House must be received by 5:59 p.m. on Friday, December 20, 2019. 

Please do not be intimidated by the level of detail requested in the RFI. We ask that you submit as complete a package as possible before the due date. If additional information is required, our team will request it prior to potential tenant interviews. We’re excited to learn about your individual business ideas and their fit within Hemisfair.