In 2009, the San Antonio City Council established the Hemisfair Park Area Redevelopment Corporation (HPARC), a local government organization appointed to manage and revitalize the Hemisfair area.

HPARC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit local government corporation that was founded on seven principles that effectively guide all decisions in the redevelopment process of Hemisfair; connectivity, development, green space, balance, preservation, sustainability, and leadership.

The overall mission of HPARC is to expand the existing park, and improve its quality by merging the concept of preservation and growth. HPARC hopes to create a spectacular public space at the heart of San Antonio, complete with plazas, courtyards, green space, art and cultural amenities, residences, and local businesses. The plan for Hemisfair will mature the city center asset into a collective space, bursting with visitors, excitement, and functionality.


HPARC is governed by an 13-member board comprised of representatives from a cross-section of local stakeholders and two City executive staff members. Board Members are approved by San Antonio City Council to serve four-year terms. HPARC is responsible for acquiring property, planning, developing, constructing, managing, maintaining and financing projects at Hemisfair.

In addition to environmental and cultural sustainability, Hemisfair has a goal of being financially self-sustaining.

Executive Committee

  • Rod Radle Rod Radle Board President
  • Juan Landa Juan Landa Board Vice President
  • Cara DeAnda Cara DeAnda Board Treasurer
  • Cynthia Lee Cynthia Lee Board Secretary
  • Lori Houston Lori Houston Ex Officio

Board Members

  • Corina Castillo-Johnson Corina Castillo-Johnson
  • Melissa Chamrad Melissa Chamrad
  • Ben Gorzell Ben Gorzell
  • Tracy Hammer Tracy Hammer
  • Daniel Lopez Daniel Lopez
  • Sue Ann Pemberton Sue Ann Pemberton
  • Lionel Sosa Lionel Sosa
  • Steve Yndo Steve Yndo


  • Andres Andujar Andres Andujar CEO
  • Omar Gonzalez Omar Gonzalez Director of Real Estate
  • Geoff Baldwin Geoff Baldwin Director of Operations

Hemisfair Conservancy

  • Anne Krause Anne Krause Executive Director