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Planting a tree at Hemisfair is one way you can invest in this city-shaping project. Nationwide studies tracking heat across neighborhoods demonstrate how essential urban greenspaces are to the health of a city.

Hemisfair’s trees offer clean air, cooling shade and a needed dose of calm and respite to all who visit.

Your gift of $7,000 will fund:

        • The planting of a mature, native tree in the heart of downtown San Antonio
        • The purchase of a 6-inch-caliper tree
        • Transportation from the nursery, site prep and irrigation system installation
        • A tribute page honoring your loved one, business, foundation or organization in Hemisfair’s augmented reality tree donor recognition app

Tree Donor Recognition

Hemisfair’s Tree Donor Recognition App was created to pay tribute to loved ones, companies and organizations. Through our tree donor program, businesses, foundations and individuals are helping to provide beauty and shade at Hemisfair for generations to come.

Interested in sponsoring a tree?

Email Anne Krause or call 210-262-2502.

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Become a Hemisfair Tree Hero

A gift of $7,000 will enable Hemisfair to plant a mature, native tree to provide beauty and shade in downtown San Antonio.