Imagine a beautifully landscaped outdoor wonderland for both kids and adults. Kids will dig in sand and splash in an interactive stream. Adults will play games like ping pong or bocce ball over drinks in the shade. Little ones will learn to ride trikes on a winding promenade. In the evening, the Yanaguana Garden will be lit up with artistic colors, inviting diners to stroll through to one of the lively outdoor eateries.

The Hemisfair Yanaguana Garden will be an active play and recreational environment for all ages and abilities that will attract residents and strengthen the local community. It will offer dynamic educational, physical, and social experiences that encourage interaction, creativity, exploration, learning, and fitness. Thoughtful integration of art, culture, history, and sustainability will make this environment the new world standard for innovative play. The sound of laughter awaits!

The Yanaguana Garden will be open to the public in 2015