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Interview with Andres Andujar, Hemisfair CEO
Milton Glueck of KLUP/KSLR Radio
February 17, 2012

Milton: Welcome to In The loop…

On this program we’ll get you caught up with the news, the people, the organizations, in San Antonio that make it a better place to live. Hemisfair is a big part of that and it occurred to me that last year about this time we touched base with this man that we are going to talk to again because they were doing some planning sessions for Hemisfair Park. It is a big part of San Antonio and a big important part of San Antonio. We are going to find out what’s going on, what happened in the past year and we’ll find out what’s coming up in the future. Andres Andujar, who is the CEO of Hemisfair Park Area Redevelopment Corporation or HPARC is our guest.

Last time this year you were just getting ready. You had focus groups that were meeting and discussing what folks wanted to see in Hemisfair. If you don’t mid can you kind of reset that a little bit and tell us what was going on about a year ago.

Andres: Of course, a year ago we were developing the framework plan, which is the synthesis of the big idea for the redevelopment of Hemisfair. And since then, back in May of 2011, we had gone through an approval process with agencies and the city council which approved the Hemisfair framework plan which became the foundation for the master plan. It was recently approved by City Council and Planning Commission, and supported or endorsed by groups such as the Conservation Society, the Historic Design and Review Commission and neighborhoods such as Lavaca and King William. So since a year ago we have completed over 200 presentations to over 5,000 people around the city, north and south and center. In every direction we are finding great encouragement and approval for the plans for Hemisfair’s redevelopment.

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