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The City Council on Thursday unanimously voted to change the name of HemisFair Park to Hemisfair.

Since HemisFair ’68 ended, multiple attempts have been made over the years to rework the former fairgrounds into a park in the middle of downtown. The latest attempt — which has seen at least $40 million in bond dollars pumped into the project — is finally taking off. The first phase — the Yanagauana Garden on the southwest corner of the park — is due to open in October.

The name change is consistent with Hemisfair — the short version of the organization called Hemisfair Park Area Redevelopment Corporation that’s been charged with remaking the park.

Hemisfair CEO Andres Andujar said the change was designed to simplify the marketing efforts taking place as the organization revamps the park, among other reasons.

Benjamin Olivo, (Express News)