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March 20, 2014 (San Antonio, TX)—Hemisfair Park Area Redevelopment Corporation CEO Andres Andujar will present alongside environmental designer Susan Goltzman and streets specialist Mukuk Malhotra, both with MIG, Inc. out of Berkeley, CA, this Friday, March 21 at the Urban Affairs Association 44th Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas. The session explores the concept of using innovative street design to promote active living and healthy communities, with special application to the Hemisfair revitalization project. As Hemisfair is transformed, parts of the historic street grid will be reinstated through the park district to ensure connectivity, accessibility, and sustainability. The vibrant multi-modal streetscape environment will dramatically improve pedestrian access, safety, and comfort; incorporate bicycle facilities and public transit improvements; and use tools to incentivize change and activate the streets.

“Re:Streets” is a fundamental rethinking of America’s streets based on recent research that includes mobility, costs associated with vehicular travel, green infrastructure, the local climate and ecosystem, and the like. Re:Streets go beyond Complete Streets and explore what our roadways will be like when they are designed for living, instead of just driving. Get a sneak preview of how they will be incorporated into Hemisfair and what they will look like.

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