This civic park will be the grandest of Hemisfair’s park series, boasting over eight football fields of open public space. Inviting stretches of green will welcome you to enjoy a cup of coffee or morning yoga class, surrounded by the beautiful downtown skyline. An interconnected succession of bustling plazas and charming courtyards will become your favorite destination for people-watching and exploration. Culinary festivals, live music, and performances of all kind will fill the calendar and offer our residents recreational activities like never before. Whether it is a large-scale event, pick-up Frisbee game, or a lounge chair in the water, there will truly be something for everyone.

Hemisfair’s civic park will be an uncommonly beautiful urban green space in the heart of San Antonio. The park will offer enriching and captivating experiences that draw people together and strengthen our community. It will be recognized as one of the world’s great urban parks.