Hemisfair will be an uncommonly beautiful urban green space in the heart of San Antonio. The park will offer enriching and captivating experiences that draw people together and strengthen our community. It will be recognized as one of the world’s great urban parks.

Parks at Hemisfair share the following key attributes:


Parks at Hemisfair will be an inviting place for all to gather, connect,recharge and enjoy art, culture and entertainment. The parks will be comfortable, safe, welcoming, public and fun.


The parks will work for both small and large events, programmed or spontaneous activities, and will function as a whole or in parts.

Around the Clock

Pleasant surprises will reliably greet the visitor day and night, whether eating, exercising, attending an event, or relaxing.

Exploration & Variety

A spectrum of spaces will offer a variety of experiences that flow together: from a large lawn to smaller gardens and courtyards; from vibrant boulevards to peacefully shaded pathways.


The parks will be a place where old friends meet and new friends are made. It will strengthen the soul of San Antonio by connecting people, place and culture.

Active Frame

Vibrant uses on the edges and within the parks will define public space and activate the parks. Shops, restaurants and cultural destinations on the ground floor of buildings will attract users and enhance the park experience even when there are no organized events.


Multimodal linkages to the surrounding areas and within Hemisfair will make the parks fully accessible and viable.


The city’s history and confluence of local and international cultures will be expressed by the parks’ designs and through events, performances and art.


The design and materials will be crafted so Hemisfair increases in beauty and the quality becomes even more evident as it ages.


Every feature will have more than one purpose while achieving a high standard of environmental, social and economic sustainability. Natural spaces and systems with water and shade will elicit exploration, restore the spirit, educate, and sustain.