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Hemisfair’s World-class Urban Park on the Horizon

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Hemisfair’s World-class Urban Park on the Horizon
Governor Signs Texas Bill Supporting Hemisfair’s Transformation

SAN ANTONIO, TX (JUNE 15, 2013)—Governor Perry’s signature of Texas House Bill 3447 places Hemisfair on the path to become one of the world’s great urban parks. An expanded and improved series of public spaces at Hemisfair will be balanced by a vibrant and connected neighborhood that provides activation and amenities. Soon the San Antonio community will be able to spend a full day at the park learning, playing, dining, and relaxing.

“Passage of HB 3447 was crucial to expanding useable park space and bringing the Hemisfair Master Plan to life, as called for by the citizens of San Antonio,” says Andres Andujar, CEO of the non-profit Hemisfair Park Area Redevelopment Corporation. “With the passage of this Bill, we can all work together to ensure the Hemisfair transformation is treasured by the community and is economically sustainable for generations to come.”

The Bill that will become law on September 1, 2013 allows for the expansion of the people’s park to 18 acres of accessible and improved parkland at a quality unseen before in the region. The new park will include an interactive and artistic play environment that will integrate fitness, botany, archeology and physics with our city’s history and culture. The parkland will feature an expansive green open space inviting frisbee-throwing and picnics to musical performances and cultural festivals of various sizes. Strolling down newly reinstated streets will reveal charming coffee houses, galleries and boutiques, embracing the authentic character of San Antonio.

“The revitalization of Hemisfair is an enormous and complex undertaking. We have carried out transparent public outreach throughout the planning and visioning process. This park is for the residents of San Antonio and we will continue to seek their input throughout all phases of design,” Andujar states. “We are encouraged by community support, the leadership of Mayor Castro and the City Council, and our critical partnership with the City to deliver a truly remarkable place for the residents of San Antonio.”

Hemisfair will continue forward progress to meet completion deadlines of 2015 for the interactive Play Escape and 2018 for the large Civic Park – the Front Porch of San Antonio –for our Tricentennial celebration.

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