The vision for the redevelopment of Hemisfair is to create a series of beloved urban parks embraced by a vibrant and walkable neighborhood. Hemisfair will be a functional urban destination that improves the quality of life for San Antonians, and is celebrated by the community and visitors alike.

More Than a Park

Over time, Hemisfair will transcend beyond historic fair grounds, becoming an oasis of activities, amenities, and destinations centered on a series of parks. Not only will there be a rolling green lawn and shaded natural groves but also an assortment of interests and pursuits to encourage park-goers to stay all day. The project aims to reconnect surrounding neighborhoods with accessible, multi-modal streets and pathways, and revitalize the historic structures that still stand today. With over 30 different stakeholder groups, ranging from business owners, to neighborhood associations, hotel operators, artists, and developers, Hemisfair is truly a legacy designed by the people of San Antonio for the people of San Antonio.  It will be a place to relax, play, celebrate, dine, and be inspired.

Master Plan (PDF)

Sustainability Master Plan (PDF)